Attaching an Easel to a Photo Frame

Use 1/8” zinc (or brass) channel to hold the easel. Insert the long side of the easel into the zinc channel, sliding it down to nearly the end. Leave 1/4” of the zinc channel extend past the end of the easel. Mark the channel at the opposite corner of the easel as shown below.

Make cuts in both legs of the channel (above) and bend it 90 degrees (below).

Reinsert the easel in the channel and mark the next corner (above). Make cuts in the channel as before and bend it 90 degrees. With the easel in the channel, mark the channel at the opposite end of the easel, leaving 1/4” extend beyond the end of the easel (below) and cut off the channel. Crimp the corners with pliers to flatten them.

Tape the sides of the zinc channel to the easel with masking tape, being careful not to wrap the tape all the way around the easel (above).

Place the easel and channel over the clear glass on the back of the photo frame. Holding the easel in place, turn the photo frame over, look through the front and position the easel so that the zinc channel does not show. Tape the easel to the photo frame with masking tape (above).

Solder the corners and ends of the zinc channel to available solder lines on the back of the photo frame (above).

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